Buy a Bonsai Tree

Buy a Bonsai Tree


Buying the Right Bonsai Tree, Choosing the Bonsai tree that’s Right for You
Before you go out and buy a bonsai, you need to know a few things. So here is a brief history, a little information and a couple of books for suggested reading.

The Bonsai Tradition has a colorful and glorious history thousands of years old. While the Chinese were probably the first to prune and shape the bonsai plants, bonsais were seen in Egyptian tombs 2000 years ago.

Also Indian herbalists preserved these selected plants in small containers because of their small sizes 1500 years ago.

But surely, when discussing modern cultivation of Bonsai, we frequently turn to the Chinese art. They started growing the bonsai plant at a time of peak was cultural learning. Later, the Japanese adopted the practice and associated it to their belief in Buddha. So, Bonsai became an art and a cultural practice for both in China and the Japan.

When choosing the right bonsai for you, you should know about two types: the temperate and the tropical.

Temperate bonsai can live in low temperatures, because their roots are shallow. They need some protection from the cold though. Two types of temperate bonsai are the maples and junipers.

The tropical bonsai has a difficult time adjusting to cold temperatures and must be protected from frosts. Some tropical bonsai are the bougainvillea, serissa and ficus.

Be aware of your temperate zone when you’re buying a bonsai. Buy a bonsai that can readily adjust. If your bonsai will be outdoors all the time, then get one that can adapt.

If your bonsai will be indoors, make sure that it gets the right amount of sunlight and water. An indoor bonsai needs more water than one grown outdoors.

Generally, bonsai enthusiasts buy these plants to prune and shape it themselves. If you have a design in mind, factor that in when deciding what type of bonsai you’ll buy.

Bonsai styles vary from simple to complicated. There are many books on bonsai to help you. These have illustrated pictures from world renowned bonsai artists like Matsahito Kimura.

Whichever style you choose to crop, prune or shape your bonsai into, if you be sure that the plant gets the sunlight and the water it needs, it will surely bloom and become the plant that you want it to be.

With each new bonsai you buy and cultivate, you’ll soon find yourself a little more hooked!

“Cultivate a Tree and You’ll Cultivate Your Life.” Lew

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