The Bonsai Tree

The Bonsai Tree

    • Bonsai is the art of growing trees in small pots, cultivating the look of the tree to be any design that is desired. The art of bonsai was developed in Japan and Asia by those wishing to beautify their gardens. At first it was an art strictly for the wealthy, but that has changed over time. Now, the bonsai tree can be cared for by anyone, as these bonsai plants are inexpensive and easily cared for.

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Types of bonsai trees

    • Coniferous
      These are your evergreens, with cones chiefly the pines. They have scale-like or needle leaves which are not shed annually.
    • Deciduous
      These trees are the type that have a smooth, flatter leaf and may bear flowers or fruit. They also shed their leaves at the end of the growing cycle, usually annually, and regrow them again after a period of dormancy.

Growing Zones

When selecting which bonsai tree to grow, take care to study the zone you live in and pick a tree suitable for growing in that zone. This is critical because the bonsai tree is bred to be grown and nurtured outdoors.

General Care

        • There is a growing trend to caring for bonsai trees indoors but many of the traditional trees, such as the Japanese maple bonsai, will not do well inside. This is because these bonsai trees require a period of dormancy, so the tree can rejuvenate any damage that has occurred during the growing seasons between spring and fall.
        • If you don’t allow the bonsai tree to go into the state of dormancy, the tree will likely die within a few months of its normal time in dormancy.
        • Many bonsai trees suffer this problem, but the most notable and common tree used for bonsai with this problem is the juniper. Juniper bonsai trees are particularly sensitive to their dormancy period and should never be kept indoors.

Things to Remember

        • There is a lot of things you need to remember when caring for the bonsai tree. There are certain times of year that some bonsai trees requiring pruning or need a new pot, and other times of year where it is safe to wire them.
        • Each species of bonsai tree is different, so research is required when you pick out a new bonsai.
        • However, despite all of the things that need done and need to be kept in mind, bonsai growing is an exceptionally rewarding hobby.


    • This article is of course a brief introduction to the bonsai tree. As with anything new, whether it be for work or play, job or hobby, there are things you must learn if you want to succeed in your endeavor. Certainly the Bonsai Tree and it’s care are no exception. With some basic learning and patience you can enjoy this worthwhile and rewarding activity.
      Bonsai trees can live even several hundreds of years, so you can expect to keep your tree with you your entire life, if you care for it properly.

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