Is Bonsai Difficult?

The beginner may think growing a bonsai is difficult.

Although there are a lot of increments in the process, growing a bonsai is really simple. You just need to take the time to educate yourself. Be patient. First, learn what type of bonsai tree you wish to grow. Then learn what particular care your bonsai needs, as each bonsai plant is different. There are 2 basic types of tree. Coniferous and deciduous. You’ll also learn how to wire your tree, not for Christmas, but to shape it. Finally, learn what supplies you’ll need.

Different Care

Each species of bonsai tree requires specific care. Because they grow in much differing environments, they need different amounts of sunlight, water, temperature, soils as well as general care. There are also different types according to whether it’s a coniferous (conifer) or deciduous (non-conifer).

Coniferous or Deciduous

The conifers are the evergreens. They would have some type of cone as well as needled or textured leaves. They do not shed their leaves each year. Pines, shrubs and bushes come to mind. The non-conifers are the trees that do shed their leaves and require a dormancy period for recovery. Their leaves are flatter and smooth. Many will bloom flowers and grow fruit. The many maples, cornus, beech are some of these. So, each bonsai tree type is different and you’ll need to choose carefully what tree you want to grow. Choose according to the grow zone you live in.

Wiring Your Bonsai

Growing your bonsai tree will be simple once you learn about your plant. Watering, feeding and sunlight are important but you must also know that wiring your bonsai tree is a large part of shaping it the way you want. Growing and shaping a bonsai tree is indeed a work of art. It not only takes skill to care for a bonsai, but also a degree of artistic flair. Using wire to shape your bonsai tree is important to the outcome of your bonsai. You’ve got to be careful not to damage the branches or trunk of the tree when using wire. The wires should be placed so that the branches are not gouged or broken and yet still directed to the form you wish to achieve. It takes a gentle touch, not brute force. You are guiding the growth of your tree. You don’t want to scar the tree or mar it’s looks. You don’t want the wire to be too close to the trunk or too far away either. Too far and the branch may break. Too close and you and you may damage the trunk. Correct spacing of the wires and at a 45 degree angle will modify the bonsai tree growth pattern and help in the bonsai tree design.

Basic Supplies

The basic supplies you need for growing a bonsai tree are usually a small investment. You will need a proper shallow pot, and good soil. You’ll also need some tools for wiring, pruning and re-potting your bonsai. Check out the Bonsai Garden Center, AmazonĀ  Store for your bonsai trees and supplies.



So, is growing a bonsai tree difficult? Well, it can be unless you educate yourself about the required care you need to give your bonsai plant. Really, you’re just growing a tree in a shallow pot and guiding it’s growth gently into an artistic form.

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