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New Bonsai Movie

Here is a new bonsai movie from

Watch “400 -Year-Old Bonsai Survived Hiroshima Bombing” on YouTube

Happy Arbor Day

Today is Arbor Day in the U.S. What a wonderful way to usher in the spring. Arbor Day of course is a day we celebrate the planting and care of trees. Continue reading

Happy Earth Day

Informal Upright Bonsai

Happy Earth Day from Bonsai Garden Center. It is certainly my belief that we are to be good stewards over this wonderful world of which we are a part. From the beginning of man we have been gifted to care for this planet. Continue reading

Buy a Bonsai Tree

Buy a Bonsai Tree


Buying the Right Bonsai Tree, Choosing the Bonsai tree that’s Right for You
Before you go out and buy a bonsai, you need to know a few things. So here is a brief history, a little information and a couple of books for suggested reading.

The Bonsai Tradition has a colorful and glorious history thousands of years old. While the Chinese were probably the first to prune and shape the bonsai plants, bonsais were seen in Egyptian tombs 2000 years ago. Continue reading

How to Take Care of Your Bonsai Tree

How to Take Care of Your Bonsai Tree


Give a Bonsai Tree for Christmas

Before you run out and buy a bonsai tree, you’ve got to learn the basics of bonsai tree care. Bonsai tree care isn’t as simple as taking care of any other plant. It can be a challenge since it involves many different steps. To begin, you must determine the type of bonsai tree that you want. You have to be steadfast and consistent when taking care of your bonsai tree. Its pot provides little help and little soil so, water and nutrients can easily be exhausted.
Continue reading

Is Bonsai Difficult?

The beginner may think growing a bonsai is difficult.

Although there are a lot of increments in the process, growing a bonsai is really simple. You just need to take the time to educate yourself. Be patient. First, learn what type of bonsai tree you wish to grow. Then learn what particular care your bonsai needs, as each bonsai plant is different. There are 2 basic types of tree. Coniferous and deciduous. You’ll also learn how to wire your tree, not for Christmas, but to shape it. Finally, learn what supplies you’ll need. Continue reading

Buying and Raising a Bonsai Tree

Buying and Raising a bonsai plant can be a bit overwhelming for the newbie. You may be asking yourself, Where can I buy a Bonsai Tree? Well, hold on there. By all means buy a bonsai tree if you want to make a commitment but, before you rush in there is much to keep in mind when growing and training a bonsai. A bonsai tree grows in a small pot and so tends to be more fragile than ones that are growing naturally outdoors. So, beginners can feel somewhat frightened by all the things they need to know so that their bonsai plant survives and thrives. Continue reading

Bonsai Trees

Bonsai Trees

The Bonsai Tree

Bonsai trees are stunted, but contrary to popular belief, they are not dwarfed. Bonsai are decorative trees that are grown in an assortment of shallow pots. The bonsai trees are grown in ways that create designs with the shape of the tree. For the amateur gardener, bonsai trees appear to be simple, small trees suppressed by the limited size of their pots. The professional bonsai tree grower sees the bonsai trees as long lasting works of art when dutifully cared for. Continue reading