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Watch “400 -Year-Old Bonsai Survived Hiroshima Bombing” on YouTube

Happy Earth Day

Informal Upright Bonsai

Happy Earth Day from Bonsai Garden Center. It is certainly my belief that we are to be good stewards over this wonderful world of which we are a part. From the beginning of man we have been gifted to care for this planet. Continue reading

Bonsai for Christmas

Give a Bonsai Tree for ChristmasThis Christmas you may consider giving a Bonsai tree for Christmas, or give them out to friends and family. Go to the Amazon Store and find the perfect gift.    Bonsai Garden Center Amazon Store

You may also consider giving them some instruction as well. Maybe you can sign up together for some fun relaxing classes on bonsai care or join your local bonsai club. If you want some information now Click Here for a Complete Beginner’s Guide to Bonsai Trees