Buying and Raising a Bonsai Tree

Buying and Raising a bonsai plant can be a bit overwhelming for the newbie. You may be asking yourself, Where can I buy a Bonsai Tree? Well, hold on there. By all means buy a bonsai tree if you want to make a commitment but, before you rush in there is much to keep in mind when growing and training a bonsai. A bonsai tree grows in a small pot and so tends to be more fragile than ones that are growing naturally outdoors. So, beginners can feel somewhat frightened by all the things they need to know so that their bonsai plant survives and thrives.

A great ebook to order is A Complete Beginners Guide to Bonsai Trees by: Russell Egan.

A Complete Beginner's Guide to Bonsai Trees

Beginner’s Guide

Really, there are only a few things that a beginner raising a bonsai tree must keep in mind.First, your bonsai will grow best outdoors. While they may be brought inside for showing, bonsais should be left outdoors for most of the time. This will keep the trees growing cycle normal, so it can go into dormancy. That is when your plant hibernates to recover from any damage sustained during the growing season. Plants that cannot go into dormancy will soon die after the regular growing season ends.

Now that you’re sure your bonsai has the correct environment, you must take care to properly water your bonsai. Because the bonsai plant grows in a shallow pot, the watering routine is more crucial to the bonsai than the natural growing tree. You need to copy the natural environmental conditions of the bonsai plant without over or under watering it. Too much or too little water can severely damage you bonsai. You may even kill your first bonsai. Learning this delicate balance will take work at first, but once you’ve learned how to care for your bonsai plant, it will become simple and relaxing.

If you are a beginner, investing in tropical bonsai may be the way to go, especially if your growing zone is not good for a bonsai. These tropical types of bonsai plants, like a steady temperature and sunlight all through the year. They are strong plants and are more tolerable of mistakes in care.

You can learn about your bonsai here but, you should join our email Bonsai Tips for in-depth information. Again, a great ebook to order is A Complete Beginners Guide to Bonsai Trees by: Russell Egan.






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