How to Take Care of Your Bonsai Tree

How to Take Care of Your Bonsai Tree


Give a Bonsai Tree for Christmas

Before you run out and buy a bonsai tree, you’ve got to learn the basics of bonsai tree care. Bonsai tree care isn’t as simple as taking care of any other plant. It can be a challenge since it involves many different steps. To begin, you must determine the type of bonsai tree that you want. You have to be steadfast and consistent when taking care of your bonsai tree. Its pot provides little help and little soil so, water and nutrients can easily be exhausted.

When it comes to watering your bonsai, consider the species of your tree. Some varieties can handle constant moisture while others do well in with dry periods. Generally, avoid over watering because it may cause root-rot and make your bonsai tree susceptible to fungal infections. But, there should also be some protection to keep the moisture in the soil and prevent it from quickly drying from wind and sun exposure. Over drying of the soil will produce great damage to the roots of your bonsai tree and quickly kill your plant.

Fertilizing is another critical factor in bonsai tree care. Because bonsai trees are contained in small pots, they have limited soil thus, nutrients are scarce. Your bonsai needs three main ingredients – nitrogen, potash, phosphoric acid. Feed less in spring and more in the fall. Sufficient amounts of sunlight is also vital to keeping your bonsai tree lush. If you have an indoor bonsai tree, put your bonsai near the window to supply enough light. However, if it is an outdoor bonsai tree, appropriate shade to control the light as too much sun may dry the soil.

Finally, normally a young bonsai is re-potted every two years then less as it matures. Re-potting and root-pruning help the bonsai to develop as new roots grow to absorb more moisture and nutrients efficiently. A well-cared for bonsai tree provides a beautiful ambiance. By following these tips, you can be confident you’ll enjoy its beauty and presence for many years.

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